Will not patent Covid-19 vaccine, should have it ready by next year: Adar Poonawala

Adar Poonawala, CEO, Serum Institute of India recently announced that his company is in the process of developing the vaccine for Covid-19 which they expect to be ready by 2021. He also assured the public that they will not patent the vaccine and will make it available for as many people as possible as they are a private company and have no obligations to answer to any shareholders. He made these remarks during an online conference on theme of “Combating Covid-19: Biotech to the Rescue”, organized by Department of Biotechnology and Bennett University. He also said whosoever develops the vaccine first will need to partner with multiple firms across the globe to make it available for as many people as possible, he is hoping whoever develops the vaccine will not hide behind patents and will make it available even on royalties to make billions of dosages as soon as possible to help people and nations across the world in this time of pandemic. His company is conducting animal testing on mice and primates and hope to start human trials in India within a month.
Source: Deccan Herald


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