Italy reports its lowest single day coronavirus cases in 41 days

Italy which has been under lockdown for over a month now after reporting boards of new coronavirus cases and deaths in just few days has seen some respite from the disease in the recent days gone by. The country became epicenter of the virus spread after China and suffered greatly as thousands of people started showing up to the hospitals with hundreds dying everyday. Doctors were working 24*7, hospitals ran out of beds for patients even the retired doctors were called back to work. Situation there is still not under control but it has seen some slowing down of the spread of the virus. On Monday Italy reported 2,256 new cases of coronavirus and 454 deaths which is the lowest for the country in over a month. For the first time since the outbreak came to light on Feb 21, the number of people registered as active carriers fell to 1,08,237 a drop of 20 on the day before. Italy has so far registered 24,114 deaths, the second highest number of deaths in the world after U.S.A. If the current trend in drop continues, two of the country’s 20 regions- Basilicata and Umbria will have no new cases by the end of April, Italy’s regional health observatory has predicted. Where as Lombardy, country’s worst hit region might have to wait for the end of June to have no new coronavirus cases.


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