Will Cooperate fully with India: Chinese firms which supplied rapid testing kits in India

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) had recently asked Indian states not to use rapid testing kits over their inaccuracy as it was reported many of those were faulty. Responding to that two Chinese firms which had supplied the 5.5 lakh Covid-19 testing kits in India, have said that they are ready to cooperate and assist Indian authorities in any way possible to rectify the issues. Guongzhou Wondfo Biotech and Livzon diagnostics, the two suppliers have said in their separate statements that they take pride in their product and follow strict quality control adding that the kits must be stored in a specific way following certain guidelines and also used in a certain way to get the accurate results. Kits must be stored between the temperature 2 to 30 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is too high or low it can affect the accuracy of the test results. India has been facing a shortage of testing kits amid the rising coronavirus cases in the country.  Both the companies have said their samples were passed by the National institute of Virology in Pune before the delivery was made and are ready to assist the authorities in India in every way possible.


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