Aarogya Setu putting privacy at risk says French Hacker, Govt responds and nullifies claims


Aaorgya Setu is an app developed by the government of India to track coronavirus and its spread. Govt has been advising people to install this app on their smartphones as it can help people stay updated about the spread of the virus in their area and can give information about the Covid-19 patients says the government. On Tuesday French cybersecurity expert and hacker under the alias “Eliot Alderson” alerted Indian authorities through a tweet that he had found a security issue in the app which puts privacy of almost 90 million Indians using it at stake.

The developers of the app have responded to Alderson’s claims saying there are no issues in the app, “no personal information of any user is proven to be at risk”, they said. The developers did acknowledge few issues though but refused to accept the notion that it poses a security threat to any of the users. Alderson is the same person who had found issues in the Aadhar app and had exposed that Aadhar data was being accessed by third-party websites. Meanwhile in Noida it is now compulsory to have this app in your phone or you can be fined Rs1000 or even get jail time.


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