Officials in U.S warn people against the ‘coronavirus parties’ to get the virus


Health officials in Washington have issued stern warnings to the people against holding so-called “coronavirus parties” after they received reports that non infected guests were socializing with those who have tested positive for the virus, ostensibly in hopes of speeding up the process of catching and overcoming it. Washington health department tweeted this information saying, “this is dangerous and puts people at risk for hospitalization or even death.”

“It is unknown if people who recover from Covid-19 have long term protection. There is still we don’t a lot about the virus, including any long-term health issues which may occur after infection, said John Weisman, Washington’s state secretary of health. Health officials in Walla Walla in south-east Washington said they have seen a sudden rise in the so-called “Covid-19” parties” but walked back those claims on Wednesday evening.

Washington state has been hit hard by the virus, has tallied 15,185 cases and 834 deaths due to the virus so far. Concerns related to the intentional self-infection surfaced as health authorities around the world consider the concept of “immunity passports” which could  enable those who test positive for Covid-19 antibodies to travel or return to work more quickly. But it is still deemed to be dangerous as not much is known about the virus.


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