The report emerges claiming Chinese president Xi told WHO chief to delay global COVID-19 warning, WHO denies claims


Der Spiegel, a German news outlet, published a report citing intelligence from the country’s Federal Intelligence Service, known as “Bundesnachrichtendienst” (BND) which says China urged the WHO to delay announcing coronavirus outbreak as global warning.

According to the report, WHO chief Tedros and President Xi had a telephonic conversation on January 21, during which the Chinese President urged the WHO chief to hold the information about human to human transmission of COVID-19, and to delay a pandemic warning. BND estimated the information policy of China lost four to six weeks for fighting the virus worldwide.

WHO called the claims unfounded and untrue. WHO in a series of tweets clarified that its chief and Chinese President never had a telephonic conversation. WHO noted on Saturday, that China confirmed human to human transmission of the virus on January 20, and WHO declared it on January 22 publicly. WHO declared the Covid-19 as a pandemic in March.


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