Mallya congrats India on announcing huge relief package, offers to pay 100% of his pending loans


Vijay Mallya has extended his congratulations to the Indian government for one of the biggest relief package in the world. The extradited liquor baron on Thursday offered to repay his full pending loans and asked the government to accept the payment and close all the pending cases against him.

In a tweet on Thursday, he congratulated the Indian government on the relief package and offered to clear his pending dues. He said, “they can print all the currency they want BUT should a small contributor like me who offers to pay 100% of his pending loans to state-owned banks be constantly ignored?” He has on many occasions said that his offer to repay his loans has been ignored by the government on multiple occasions.

Vijay Mallya has cases like fraud and money laundering filed against him which total to around Rs 9,000 crore and for that he is wanted in India. He is currently living in the UK after absconding India, the Indian government is trying to bring the extradited ex-tycoon back to the country in front of the country’s judiciary.


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