Effective drug to treat coronavirus by a team of Doctors in Bangladesh, claims to cure patients in 4 days

effective drugs to treat coronavirus

A team of Bangladeshi doctors has claimed that they have found a combination of effective drug to treat coronavirus. The team of the doctors in Bangladesh includes some prominent physicians in the country. The team claims that they have researched the combination of two widely used drugs and that combination has yielded some immaculate results in treating patients with the virus.

These claims come at a great time as the whole world is struggling to find the cure for the virus. Dr. Md Tarek Alam, head of the medicine department at Bangladesh Medical College Hospital said that they have received astounding results, they have this combination of drugs to 60 patients and all of them recovered.

He said they used an antiprotozoal medicine called Ivermectin in a single dose with Doxycycline which is an antibiotic and the combination of these two yielded near-perfect results in curing the patients. He even claimed that the drug they created is so efficient that some patients recovered in just 4 days which he said was confirmed by the second tests the patients took and turned out to be negative.

He further added that he and his team are 100 percent hopeful about the effectiveness of the drug. He said they have contacted the concerned government authorities and that they are preparing to exhaust international procedures for acknowledgment of the combination of the two drugs as a treatment for the virus.

Bangladesh had reported over 20,000 cases of the Covid-19 so far in the country and more than 300 people have lost their lives due to the virus in Bangladesh.


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