Photos of Whiskey bottles and snacks posted on Home Ministry’s facebook page, deleted later


Ministry of Home affairs learned the perils of work from home in a hard way when a wrong picture was uploaded on the ministry’s Facebook page by mistake.

Someone who was handling the social media pages of the ministry accidentally posted images of two whiskey bottles with snacks along with the images of rescue operation going on in West Bengal which has been battered by the Cyclone Amphan.

The incident happened on Friday morning at 9 am when these photos were uploaded by accident but were later deleted after 30 minutes but many eagle-eyed users took the screenshots of the pictures and started circulating it on social media.

MHA officials attributed the faux pas to the mistake on behalf of the person handling the Facebook page, according to them the account handler apparently mixed his personal account with that of the ministry. Ministry also said the person responsible for the glitch has apologized in writing. Many people trolled the incident on social media.


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