Bookie says all cricket matches are fixed like a movie directed by some director


In his exposure proclamation to the Delhi Police, Sanjeev Chawla, the main accused in the 2000 Hansie Cronje match-fixing case, has said that “no cricket match is genuinely played” and all the cricket matches which individuals see are fixed”. He additionally highlighted the inclusion of “a major organization/black market mafia” that impacts all cricket match-ups that, as per him, resembled “motion pictures which are as of now being directed by somebody”.

In the announcement, which is a piece of an advantageous charge sheet submitted to the court yet doesn’t have the denounced’s mark, Chawla uncovered before the police that the organization had on its objective the case’s examination official DCP (Crime Branch) Dr. G Ram Gopal Naik and that his life was under danger.

The New Delhi born and London-based asserted bookmaker, while admitting that he was engaged with match-fixing for a long time, said he was unable to give more subtleties since “a major organization/black market mafia is associated with this issue and they are very dangerous people and in the event that he says anything they will get him killed”.


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