Coronavirus cases in Delhi rising at an alarming rate, reached 30k in 13 days after reaching 15k in 86 days

Survival of coronavirus

New Delhi, the capital national of India finds itself in a very dicey position while initially, the spread of the virus was still high but in the last couple of days, the rate of spread has gone through the roof in the capital city.

Delhi came pretty into motion after guidelines relaxed in lockdown 4.0. Now, this is being touted as a reason by many as the reason behind such an alarming rate of rising in the city. The situation is so worse that there are no beds available in the hospital for the patients.

Just in the last couple of days, many videos have surfaced on social media where the family members of a patient are seen requesting he doctors to just take a look at their family member once while the doctors are seen clearly refusing them. Many people have died laying in the ambulance outside the hospital.

The number of cases in the capital city has reached well over 30,000 while more than 900 people have lost their lives due to the virus in the capital. It took Delhi 86 days to reach 15,000 cases after the first case was reported. Delhi reported its 15,000th case on May 27 but with the increase in the speed of transmission of the virus, the cases in the national capital have reached 30,000 in just 13 days.


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