Different norms for quarantine in states affecting air travel demand


Domestic Air travel resumed its operations on May 25 in India with pressure from many sections of the society,  the government finally decided to resume domestic air travel in the country.


With the Civil aviation minister saying in a statement that quarantine won’t be required for air travelers as only the asymptomatic healthy personnel will be allowed on the plane even though few cases were reported even after that too. Many states announced that passengers coming in through air traffic will also need to be quarantined after taking their sample but people still kept flying as many flew back to their homes or to the city where they worked despite the quarantine norms.


But now after a few days of the flights being resumed, it has been reported that different quarantine norms in different states have started to hit the air traffic.

There are still many confusion and uncertainties between the norms and passengers which has led to many cancellations and planes not being filled their allowed capacities.


Ronojoy Dutta, CEO of Indigo said that these uncertainties of rules is causing a huge problem for the travelers as well as the airlines. The demand for air travel has not been like many experts expected with different rules in different states and rising infections people are putting off traveling until necessary.


Many states changed their norms after around 30 asymptomatic passengers tested positive for the virus in the first week of the resumption of flights. Delhi had first advised 14 days of home quarantine which was later changed to mandatory for 7 days. Delhi, Bengaluru, Goa have seen many cancellations as people are avoiding these states because of the rising infections. Mostly the cancellations are coming from the businessman who usually have short trips to the city and cannot afford to spend a week in quarantine.


Airlines mostly expect the demand to rise when the economy starts to recover a little and people start traveling to meet their friends and relatives but proper recovery is only expected after the dampening of the curve.


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