Air Asia India’s suspended pilot Gaurav Taneja alleges that airline violates passenger safety norms, DGCA begins probe into the matter


Air Asia India’s pilot Gaurav Taneja who also runs a youtube channel called “Flying Beast” has claimed that he was suspended by the airlines after he pointed many of the safety norms violations. Now, the airline has come under the eye of the aviation regulatory body.


Taneja announced via a tweet that he has been suspended by the airlines for pointing out and standing up for the safety norms of an aircraft and passengers. He also posted a video on his Youtube channel talking about the whole incident.


His video went viral and his claims have been backed by the customers of  Air Asia who said they have had relatable experiences. The backing of claims by the customers forced DGCA to begin a probe looking into the whole matter.


Gaurav claimed that airlines told its pilots to do 98 percent of landings in ‘Flap 3’ mode to save fuel and if some pilot does not do it then it was considered a violation of airlines SOP. He further explained that Flap 3 landing can be dangerous in certain cases and can even put the lives of passengers in danger, he took the example of Imphal’s airport to explain that when a plane is coming down steeply it requires drag to remain slow and in that case Full Flap landing is needed instead of Flap 3 which can be dangerous.


Air Asia meanwhile has rejected these claims and has said they remain committed to their

“Safety First” policy, DGCA meanwhile has started an investigation after complaints from many of the stakeholders.


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