Cambride PhD recalls meeting Sushant Singh Rajput at Paris airport, she thought he was a physicist


Sushant Singh Rajput was more than an actor, he was a physics enthusiast, he was fascinated, he used to study stoicism, he wrote poetry and played guitar. He was a multi-talented and a very nice person by heart, he made donations to charities but never revealed them to anybody. He was a wholehearted person, it’s a pity his life ended the way it ended. His passing away has left the whole industry in shock everyone is in shock and trying to come to terms with it.


Now that he is gone many people are sharing their experiences with him, one of them a Ph.D. scholar from Cambridge University, Namrata Datta via tweets described her meeting with Sushant when she met him in Paris airport.


She said they were both waiting at the airport to catch their next flight when they started speaking to each other to pass time. She said they both ended up talking about Quantum physics for five long hours. She said she initially thought he was a physicist because he had this keen interest in science. She thought he was a genius.


She further added that they happened to discuss their which is just a couple days apart from each other, and how they were drinking alone to celebrate it. She said then they discussed DNA n X-ray crystallography method.


Datta added that when he told her he’s an actor in Bollywood she asked him but why? She said she still cannot he is no more. She added that Sushant asked her about her thesis in detail, the whole methodology behind it, and asked questions until he understood the whole thing. She called him a very intelligent and genuine person and said it was his enthusiasm which kept their talks going on for 5 hours.


She added Sushant even asked her if he could apply for scholarships to get into physics, she called the interaction with him a very fond memory and expressed her sadness at his untimely demise. She said only if I knew better.


Thank you for being an inspiration of millions Sushant.


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