A new study discovers that antibodies in recovered patients last only for 2-3 months


A new study published in Nature Medicine on Thursday has found that antibodies created in the recovered patients of Covid-19 may only last for 2-3 months.

However, the authors of the study have clarified that this does not mean that a recovered patient can get reinfected, the research on that is still going on.

The limited yet crucial findings of this study offer various clues to some of the questions about recovery from coronavirus, its vaccination, etc, This is the first study that highlights the presence of antibodies in asymptomatic patients.

In another study published in the same journal, Nature Medicine has stated that a small amount of antibodies can help protect a person against the virus.

The study found that symptomatic patients develop and retain antibodies way faster than the symptomatic ones, it also found that symptomatic patients shed the virus for 14 days while the asymptomatic shed it for 19 days approximately.


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