South Korea confirms country has been hit with the second wave of the virus


South Korea one of the earliest hotspots of coronavirus spread in the world has declared that country is under attack by the second wave of the virus spread.

During the first wave South Korea went on a agrresive testing spree to identify the positive cases. Infact South Korea was the first country to identify that asymptomatic people can also carry and spread the virus.

Now, the health authorities in the country n Monday admitted for the first time that the country is in the midst of the second wave of the virus outbreak. Small yet persistent outbreaks in and Seoul is reportedly the driving the second wave.

Country was warned earlier by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(KCDC) that the first wave never really ended in the country. Jeong Eunkyeong, Director of KCDC on Monday said that a holiday week in May in the densely populated Seoul is predicted to be the reason behind the second wave.

South Korea had initially gotten a good grip on the virus spread in March – April and the country was able to bring down the infection after recording almost 900 cases per day in Febrauary, which was the country’s highest total and also the biggest outbreak outside China where the virus began spreading.

South Korean government announced the measures to ease social distancing among few other norms in May and that’s when the new cases started going up says the director of KCDC.

As of on Monday night South Korea had reported 17 new cases of the virus, for the first time in a month. Country has reported a total of 12,438 cases so far and 280 deaths.


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