US envoy warns says China on NATO radar more than ever

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A top American envoy has said NATO is watching the things unfolding in Asia and is reassessing its situation with China.

Kay Bailey Hutchison, US Permanent Representative to NATO said while China can be a peaceful partner, its actions currently aren’t exactly projecting that right now.

She said while China can be a good peaceful partner and a good trade partner it’s actions right now have forced all the NATO partners to look at it and assess what it is doing.

She said everyone is hoping for the best but is also preparing for the worst when it comes to the current scenario. China’s aggressive actions against Taiwan, India, and Japan are said to be the reasons behind it.

She said NATO is looking keenly to East to see if there is an actual risk of military confrontation. She said the USA wants China to be a part of the world order even though it is clear that China has stolen intellectual property, violated tariffs and subsidies set by the World Trade Organization (WTO).

She said they are keeping an eye on China’s behavior in the South China sea too and also on HongKong to see China’s actions.


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