SinoVac becomes third company to start the late stage trials of its Covid-19 vaccine


Chinese company SinoVac has become the third company which will soon be starting the late stage trails of its coronavirus vaccine. The company announced on Monday that it will soon start the stage 3 trials of its proposed vaccine.

In a released statement the company announced that it will soon start recruiting volunteers for the trials and will begin the testing this month only. Brazil has already given the permission to the company to start its trials in the country.

WHO in its released document on Monday also confirmed that the company is infact entering the stage 3 of its trials.

The other two vaccines in  the late stage trials are the AstraZenca’s vaccine which was developed by researches at the Oxford University and Sinopharm.

SinoVac is also building a vaccine manufacturing plant which the company hopes wll be ready by this year’s end and they believe the plant will have the capacity of manufacturing atleast 100 million shots of the vaccine a year.


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