US will withdraw the visas of foreign students if all their classes are moved online

coronavirus is not a pandemic

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) on Monday announced that all the foreign college students whose classes have been shifted online by their schools will not be allowed to live in the country on student visa.

ICE released a statement and said that the foreign students who are attending colleges in the country who have moved their classes online cannot sign up for the entire online course and remain in the country.

The statement further said that if any student find themselves in this situation they will either have to leave the country or come up with alternate ways to maintain their non immigrant status for example, opting for a reduced course load or a medical leave.

There are two types of visas issued to the foreign students in the country, one is F1 which is for high school, college and other academic programs while the other one M1 is for vocational and non-academic studies. To obtain these visas a student must first be selected in the a school or college approved by The Sudent Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP).


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