US President Trump says he is considering banning Tik-Tok in the country to hit back at China


On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump said that he is considering banning the popular app Tik-Tok in the country to get back to China for the chaos they have caused around the world. He said his administration is looking into the matter and can press ahead with the move.

Earlier in the week, Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State, had also given a similar statement where he said the officials are looking at banning the app, which is owned by the ByteDance Ltd of China.

Trump, when asked about Pompeo’s comments in his interview, said, Tik Tok is big business, and it is something they are looking into. Trump further added that what China has done with the handling of the virus to the country and the world is very disgraceful.

Trump did not go into the specifics but said that it is one of the many ways his administration is looking to hit back at the Beijing government for their handling of the virus.

Recently India banned 59 Chinese apps in its country, but it was not because of the virus. It was mainly because of the border dispute along the Galwan valley.


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