Indian Air Force gets night flying capability for Mig 29’s in Leh, force sees it as a game changing step


IAF has acquired the required capabilities needed to fly its Mig 29’s during the night in Leh. This acquisition is being seen as a huge game-changing step for the future by force.

India and China are currently involved in disengagement along the LAC. IAF has said the capability to fly at night will help change the game for the air force as training during the night will help the force to strengthen its capability to conduct full-scale operations at LAC, which is near to Leh.

Mig’s have been jigged with new upgrades like advanced avionics, and faster and extensive training of pilots of IAF are the key factors.

Currently, fighters such as Sukhoi Su – 30’s conduct night-time operations in the Ladakh region, but they come from other bases that have night time flying capabilities.


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