UP gangster Vikas Dubey killed in police encounter after he tried escaping when the car he was in overturned

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Gangster Vikas Dubey, who was all over the news channels for the last week after ambushing 8 police officers who had come to arrest him, was killed in a police encounter. Reportedly he tried escaping when the car he was in overturned and was killed in the encounter. The encounter took place around 90 km away from Kanpur.

Dubey was arrested on Thursday from Ujjain, where he had gone to pay his respects in the Mahakal temple. He was recognized by one of the prasad shop owners who informed the police, after which he was nabbed. He was seen accepting his identity in a video that went viral on the internet.

According to the police sources, the SUV in which Dubey was being brought back to Kanpur overturned due to heavy rains, Dubey tried to flee after snatching a pistol from one of the cops who were in the car with him but was instead shot dead by the police in the encounter.

Key aides of Dubey had already died in encounters with police in different parts of the state.


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