World will soon hear about more actions to be taken against China: US

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The US has announced that the country is considering taking more stern actions against China reported the White House, although what sort of actions will they take have not been made clear.

Kayleigh McEnany, White House Press Secretary, said in a press conference on Wednesday, said that she could not announce the actions being planned against China, but she did say that the world will soon hear about these actions pertaining to China.

Robert O’ Brien, US National Security Advisor, also echoed these views. He said people would soon hear about these actions when they are rolled out over the coming days. He also praised President Donald Trump for standing up to China, and he said no President has stood up to China like Trump has while praising Trump’s decision to put a massive tariff on Chinese imports to stop the trade imbalance.

Earlier US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had taken a shot at China for taking aggressive action against India in Galwan valley. He praised India for its response, saying Indians did whatever was necessary to respond to China’s threats.

Pompeo had earlier said that China’s expansionism is the biggest threat facing the world right now and that the world needs to stop this bully.

China has been busy trying to claim other nations land from mountains in the Himalayas to Senkaku islands of Vietnam’s exclusive zone. According to the new reports, Beijing had recently staked its claim on a wildlife sanctuary in Bhutan.


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