10 year old boy steals 10 lakh rupees from a bank in Madhya Pradesh in just 30 seconds


In a shocking case reported in Madhya Pradesh, a 10 year old boy stole 10 lakh rupees from a bank in just 30 seconds and walked out without even being noticed. The incident happened in Neemuch district of the state.

The boy is said to be a trained thief who walked in the bank stole the money and got out of the bank without being noticed by anybody. The whole incident was caught on the CCTV though.

In the video captured it can be seen that the young boy dressed in rags entered the bank and taking advantage of his short height entered the cashier’s cubicle and dropped two wads of Rs 500 notes in his bag and walked out without any notice. The incident took place in a branch of cooperative bank in Jawad area of Neemuch district in MP.


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